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A space for offbeat talent, ideas and experiences to be shared, regardless of how unusual they may be.

Inspiration and Creativity

Embracing weirdness and exploring new creative avenues.

Diverse Connections

Local cross-promotion connects calgary businesses with new audiences, expanding their reach and impact.

Unique & Exclusive Designs

Kayla's exclusive art collection with a signature eye & vision motif. Something truly special and original.

A Platform for the Unique

A variety of different things to introduce to the city while bringing exposure to something new.

Creativity belongs here! Share what makes you different.

[Off]beat Vision LTD.

[OFF]beat Vision Mission: To create a space for offbeat talent, ideas and experiences to be shared, regardless of how unusual they may be.

Building a community that celebrates individuality by showcasing offbeat talent, ideas, art and much more.

Express Yourself with Unique and [OFF]beat Designs: Explore your own creativity with our notebooks, planners, prints and more! Our exclusive collection features everything from whimsical sketches to dark and moody illustrations. You won’t find these designs anywhere else!

COMING SOON! Dive deep with the  [OFF]beat Afterhours Podcast, where we delve into intriguing topics, keeping you entertained and engaged.

Thank You: We appreciate your support for our small business and for sharing our love of everything offbeat!

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As a local artist herself and the founder of [OFF]beat Vision, Kayla is a multi-passionate soul. This website was designed to be a hub for unique projects and an avenue for collaboration with like-minded people. Perfect for those who share a love for the strange and a desire for something different.

 Stay tuned for the upcoming  [OFF]beat Afterhours Podcast!

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Discover the unique simplicity of our distinctive logo. Find your style with our collection of apparel and accessories.

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Local Businesses Calgary

We highlight a new local business every month and promote their business through our website via cross promotion. We believe in supporting our community by showcasing the amazing businesses that make our city unique and vibrant.

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